My first visit to Vietnam Garden Restaurant in Esquimalt was amazing as the service and food was awesome and not having any experience with Vietnamese Food, I asked the waitress to order her favorite. What came to my table was a sizzle dish, black been and chicken with green peppers and mushrooms. Not only did the dish taste amazing but it stayed hot through my dinning experience. So to chase down this wonderful food, I ordered a beer and the combination of spice and beer was even more pleasurable. I have gone back twice sinsce and asked the waitress to again order me what she likes and time after time, just awesome. I gem in the heart of Esquimalt to be sure.

Scott Attrill AKA Floyd of Floyds Hairstyling for Men

Blair Trumpin (Victoria)

What an amazing restaurant. I have enjoyed every dish I have ordered there. The chef really knows what he is doing. From his stir fried, to his soups, quite a pleasure to eat at the Vietnamese Garden Restaurant. The service is fast and professional, tables are loaded with my favorite sauces, the hot sauce and sweet terry is yummy addons.

Simon and Debbie (Victoria)

Well, we love the food at this restaurant and the fact that the staff and owner are always so friendly. We ate a lovely soup dish with noodles and a phad thai that was really good. Nice combination if you share the soup and pad thai and very reasonalbly priced. Well done Ken and staff.

Lorne Tuplin (Victoria)

This is an exellent restaurant with very fresh products. If you enjoy traditional Vietnamese Food, this is the place you should go.

Adam Stefflic(Boston)

As I was visiting Victoria and had business with the local military base, I tried the local Vietnamese Restaurant and was very suprised with the quality of the food. I had a red curry with chicken and added shrimp and ate a wonderful meal for less than $20. The place was full of interesting paintings on the walls that as I found out later, was the creation of the chef and owner. I will return when I have more business in Esquimalt in the near future.

Derrick Wassly ( Victoria )

I had a great meal in this great restaurant and have no need to travel into Victoria for a exellent Pad Thai. In fact I ordered two, one for take out and had it for lunch the next day. I go back almost every week and try lots of other Vietamese Food and the owner always remembers me and what I like. Great place in Esquimalt.